deas determine the way out how to promote the website

mentality decision outlet

one, put the vision far, focusing on individual brand building.

referred to my website promotion experience, the first choice is certainly to create a personal brand, which in itself is my website to promote the process of learning a valuable experience, its use has brought me too much harvest.

1, how to use personal brand to promote

in the post before signing their names, the name should be fixed, cannot change, a long time, people see the post on the name to know the quality of posts, do not have to spend time to pack post title to attract readers. In the promotion of all platforms have their own photos, of course, must be fixed, to deepen our impression of your brand.

2, do the above step, just to reveal your brand, is also not "create", to create is to maintain your brand, give you leave a good impression. How to do? In various forums, try to answer the questions, pay special attention to the tone of modesty, not to master themselves, help others think it is great, so people will not appreciate you, but also hate you, forum posting, reprint, quality, not quantity, not random irrigation, should try to move closer such a goal, let people see your name, it went in to see the desire, because it can learn new things.

two, promotion should be divided into primary and secondary, but do not let the details.

Webmaster Platform, head of the forum, innumerable, you can not take a post a blow to a policy of encroaching right, so the effect is not good alone, also have to be exhausted.

selection platform, two criteria:

1, its popularity, for flow effect and customer effect, as the three leading webmaster circles, in the above post, is not with the hyperlink, so there is no search effect, but the popularity of high ah, two promotion effect is good, can give you direct bring high quality flow and direct customers the two time extension, if they put the domain name into a hyperlink, also can have the effect of searching for you.

2, the generous, for the search effect, although some BBS popularity is not high, but the search update is slow, and it can let you keep the hyperlinks in the post, this forum, I love to go, also worth to you.

there is a detail, is a lot of webmaster will neglect. To each big BBS registered account, we will post, but at the same time you registered an account, each forum also gives you a space, this space can be free to add Links, and with the help of the forum weight, your personal space without publicity, will be the major search included, like me the search included good both in A5 and Chinaz’s personal space, a waste of such a worry increased reverse chain saving, promotion channels, what a pity you? There is no waste of


three, the introduction of doctrine, will not follow suit. >

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