Grass root thinking of using the nternet to sell fruit to millions of years into the streets

Shanghai is a suitable place to start, there are too many grass root counter attack story, happen every day. The Shanghai subway is the most expensive domestic fare is also one of the busiest subway, starting at three, just take a few station also has four or five dollars, many commuters ride the subway every day back and forth ten price a few dollars, no wonder there are many fare evasion, escape a ticket or a pack of cigarettes. The money is a pound of fruit.

speaking of fruit, fruit is really expensive in Shanghai, the cheapest also has more than three, Shanghai’s high cost of living is evident.

Shanghai fruit expensive, which has become a lot of people selling fruit business a good project.

said today is one of the fruit grass root million years into the story. I am in a district near Shanghai on the 1st line for three years, the life supporting commercial stores near the hotel, how much, how much fruit shop, clothing shop I know they store crystal clear, I basically have visited. And I also found that the subway station in the vicinity of the basic living area has been contracted by the people of Anhui. Near the vegetable market selling vegetables, opened a clothing store, a real estate salesman, the cell door open black, as well as the district where the acquisition of scrap, these are the people of Anhui, and most of the income is not high.

we have a door at the entrance to the village, he sold five years. It is also working in the factory, and later began to sell fruit resignation. At first, he did not shop, just in front of the door to ride a tricycle to set fruit stalls, and later became the four round of three rounds of small trucks, and then in the cell door opened a fruit shop. The fruit shop to let him take care of his wife, still go to other places of a small truck, specially in those high traffic intersection, subway and other high traffic crossroads to sell, so he is equivalent to open two stores, now can have fixed millions of dollars in revenue each year, but net profit estimates more than this number, I said to him, you are the white-collar. You can see many white-collar work hard ah, every subway work may also be the boss scolded, hair wages, rent, electricity fee, eat and play, buy clothes, talk to friends, pocket naked, is the white-collar white-collar wages.

I used to sell fruit after him, bought some fruit, they talked and easy-going boss, a look that is going to do business, service with a smile, enthusiasm, you see what kind of fruit is interested in, for you immediately, and some people even didn’t have time to ask the price it will give you up. Sometimes I asked the price is so expensive, a look is installed, do not feel shy. Buy fruit are mostly office workers, careless money, did not ask the price, the boss said the fruit, that is how much money, paid money to go, no ink.

often saw him in the morning or a truckload of fruit, to the afternoon of the time has been sold out. He can drive from far away the fruit wholesale market to be able to pull at a very low price, fruit profits can be guaranteed high. At the beginning there were a few there

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