heard that YY had an accident, you want video seed or make money

recently, the Internet is not really Mrs, followed all kinds of indecent video event / tide, after a period of time before the fire’s event, "high streets and back lanes" in last night (No. 8), the circle of friends was again indecent video scraper, this a gun is YY.

The last

‘s indecent video is said to have unexpected outflows, also some people said is the marketing hype, then this one YY indecent video is also marketing hype? We first do not care, we still care about how to use lively events to make money.

Weixian qunwei to you since the most recent period of the list of indecent events and related index.

1, July 15th Sanlitun UNIQLO indecent events: This is also listed and placed in the first one, because you can say it is all recent indecent in the event of a "leading class", but also the most fire, after this incident, the Internet seems to be a "indecent video" but, after a lapse of nearly a month, the user demand is still very strong, as shown in figure


2, August 2nd Guangzhou subway indecent video:


3, August 5th Chengdu Jiuyanqiao bridge earthquake door:


4, August 5th square broadcast indecent video:


5, August 8th YY indecent event:


give you listed so many indecent incident is only one purpose, that is to tell you so many opportunities, make good use of the sincerity can get good cash, and I don’t know if you noticed, every time the indecent incident index are hundreds of thousands to millions of.

PS: we are not because I listed so many indecent events took me wrong, I do not pay attention to these indecent video, but on the popular events, as well as the benefits it can bring to us.

so we can have what benefits? Anyway, we can achieve nothing more than two, drainage and money

1, drainage

if you have your own website is the place for you, you can directly send traffic to your site, if not it does not matter, can put the flow into the QQ space or other platform utilization, transformation, realization.


where? We may think of is to each big BBS ah, Baidu know ah, but I suggest you use the interest in the tribe, Post Bar, QQ group, the three other than drainage method should be simple and convenient and effective.

tribe / Post Bar

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