How to effectively promote the industry website

There is now a lot of

industry website, specifically how many Internet industry website, Yang Yang zhenshu. Is the so-called three hundred and sixty lines, each line in a. So is the website promotion, every industry are not the same. But the industry website promotion can be summed up in a few common points, to analyze.

first grew up in the development of small and large, just a friend and my friend QQ asked me how to promote a wedding industry, I was so to him. (this is my QQ954049133 you can add me, I am willing to help friends have list analysis, even if I would first put the) can start with a good place, say I do a website to sell mobile phone, I want to let all people to buy, but for a a new station is difficult, can not promote this kind of effect. For example, some very popular words, you can not row in front of the higher weight than your site. Then I can do my place in the mobile phone site, such as I can say that the Shandong Shandong XX mobile phone network, or in the dot Ji’nan XX mobile phone network. First do a good job in the region, and then wait for you to make the site more users in the whole market.

second line has rules, not to cross the border. For example, you do a mobile phone site to a medical website propaganda appropriate. Just to give an example, meaning to tell everyone to go to the same industry website publicity.

third to make the brand, since the industry is the first station, you have to do that first. Establish a brand value, brand value is a razor industry. For example, we buy things on the Internet like to go to Taobao, because it is not a big celebrity.

fourth service first, quality first. This is the essence of the industry station. The website is just propaganda tool industry, use it to let you have a customer, but only the pursuit of promotion do not care about customers, your site will be not worth a hair, unless you want to stand to be a liar.

fifth industry website promotion can not be separated from the reality of propaganda, such as the local propaganda, local television publicity, enhance visibility. The best example is U88, if it is not on TV advertising, I do not know there is such a site. This is a way to promote the late, not able to do not have the ability to do.

sixth user survey, the industry site actually requires user surveys, but I do not know how you think. I think it is necessary to do the investigation, there is no condition can not afford to help you to investigate, you can first online investigation. Is to understand all aspects of the industry, to investigate the needs of customers, in order to develop the direction of the site, improve the quality of service.

if you are a caring person, you may find more. Today is the first to say more than 6 points, in fact, industry wide, most owners are involved, not only those products is the industry station, information platform, online service is a part of the industry. So do not despise the development of the industry website. Most of the above views are my personal views, >

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