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Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute of family housing has been fully dismantled in August 15th, comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station area, land acquisition and demolition of the Huangshui River south station west area have heard the news: Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute, the family bus company family member courtyard, long-distance bus station, small area, Hengli Jiashuyuan Huangzhong County retired cadres always move households basically the government has signed a relocation agreement, the demolition work has been from the home of propaganda and mobilization, signed an agreement to continue building demolition stage, key projects, the core area of smooth start trial operation in July 2014 October 2014, Shun Litong car has laid the foundation for the train station. Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Jiashuyuan agreement quickly opened the southern coast Huangshui River comprehensive housing demolition team leader Ge Zhanyong said that the families of Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute for a total of a suite of 310 residents, has signed a relocation agreement of 308, the remaining 2 houses have been imposed by law government. To win the understanding and support of the majority of households move to the families involved in the demolition work, demolition of cadres and workers since July 2nd uninterrupted home do propaganda and mobilization work, and visit the poverty involving relocation households, within the scope of the policy allows to solve their practical difficulties, won the users involved moved the understanding and support of the demolition work. Now, the families of Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute as the southern coast Huangshui River first demolished residential area, the building has been basically completed demolition, more than 300 households Sheqian has begun in the transitional housing. Families of the bus company you longing for a home early in the resettlement area Jiashuyuan bus company involved in housing relocation households told reporters, in 60s and 70s 80s the last century Tongzilou, housing, and housing in 90s. Ge Zhanyong told reporters that the bus company has a family member courtyard into a suite of 212 households, of which 210 households, and the government has signed a relocation agreement, the other two houses were levied according to the law. More than a month, the families of the most involved relocation households are very supportive of the government with the demolition work, many involving their families also took the initiative to come to sign the agreement, many residents are eager to early live in bright and spacious, modern facilities of the resettlement area is located in the hamlet. In the process of mobilization in the home, the majority of cadres; read more

December 23rd, China environmental monitoring station announced the country’s 74 key cities in the air quality report in November, the city ranked the top in the northwest of the capital city of the top five in the top thirty-seventh.

into the winter heating period, the city by the special geographical and climatic conditions and other natural factors, atmospheric pollutants, multiple diverse sources of pollutant emissions, showing increasing trend. The air office will actively supervise the implementation of the relevant units of winter winter treatment measures to make concerted efforts to take measures to prevent the thorough investigation and severe punishment, to ensure the realization of the comprehensive management of air pollution targets.
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in order to protect the interests of consumers, in recent days, Xining City Department of industry and commerce to strengthen the dairy market inspection system, 24 hours on duty system, inventory and shelf delisting daily reporting system. As of 20, the provincial capital of the current situation in the shelf shelves of nearly forty thousand kilograms of milk powder problem (including the rural area of 2145 kg), under the frame of 14884 kilograms of liquid milk.

this inventory includes Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Limited by Share Ltd, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, including 7 enterprises produced milk powder. As of 19, Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce Inspection of milk dealers 16233, as consumers return milk 981.5 kilograms. In September 19th, industrial and commercial departments to check 1867 liquid milk products dealers, including Mengniu Dairy (Wuhan) Co. Ltd., Inner Mongolia Chi friends of Mengniu Dairy (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, Mengniu Dairy (Beijing) 11 varieties and 10 production date and batch limited liability company production of liquid milk; Ji’nan Yili dairy Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd 7 number, production date and 7 batches of liquid milk; 5 kinds of products, Beijing Bright Dairy Co. Ltd can health and other 5 companies of 5 batches of liquid milk production date and. read more

to further strengthen the road traffic order, strengthen team management. On the eve of the national day, Xining city traffic police detachment in accordance with the requirements of the higher public security organs, arrangements for the deployment.

Xining city traffic police detachment leaders on the road traffic safety and team management during the holiday season, as well as to carry out centralized investigation and handling of serious road traffic violations, were arranged. Requirements of the various departments of the detachment, the duty brigade should attach great importance to strengthen cooperation, to implement the responsibility, civilized law enforcement, to the full police investment, exchange of information. According to the "outstanding things, focus on the investigation, normative ideas parking, orderly management, enhance the comprehensive improvement of the work. A crackdown on drunk, undocumented, speeding and other serious violations, the full remediation of motor vehicle Luantingluanfang behavior, to ensure that the center of the city’s primary and secondary roads no parking car parking, branch tunnel standard, achieve "parking berth, driving into the unimpeded" effect. read more

in the new round of basic organization construction activities in Chengbei District of Xining city with the grass-roots party construction work in practice, to take eight measures to improve the level of grass-roots party organizations, with outstanding achievements to greet the great victory of the party held eighteen.

"ten projects" ideas. In order to improve the scientific level of Party construction as the goal, adhere to the "project implementation, target management, project promotion, brand management methods of work, and strive to create a" quality improvement, virtuous recommended energy, team optimization, star standard, first-class, sunshine party, people only care, after hatching, remediation cohesion, project management and other 10 party building innovation project, clear steps, building engineering construction contents, propulsion mode, organizational measures and targets, and strive to create a level to the post responsibility level, grade level, level promotion level, forming layers are objective, everyone has the responsibility, the level of task responsibility system. read more

In September 10th, the city held the first meeting of the West will be 500 companies to help out this large-scale investment in large scale event will be a joint venture to play a role in the pilot and breakthrough

Xining city for the first time held a large scale, large-scale, direct investment for various types of investors to promote the development of Urban Investment Event – Xining City Development Investment Fair (referred to as the West will be held). September 5th afternoon, deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, vice mayor of the Ministry of Commerce and some of the parties in the Ning chamber of Commerce Forum on the topic of the discussion, in the afternoon of. Wang Yubo on behalf of the municipal government sincerely invite them to participate in the Western Conference, into the development of Xining. read more

10 12, the provincial government held a joint meeting to convey the development of circulation industry, the State Council to accelerate innovation to promote the circulation of farmers teleconference supply side structural reform, study the province to implement the "Internet plus circulation" action plan views. Vice governor Kuang Yong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

meeting stressed the need to deeply understand and grasp the situation facing the modern distribution industry. Vigorously develop the circulation industry, is an inevitable requirement to face downward pressure on the economy to promote the supply side reforms, all localities and departments should attach great importance to the development of circulation, and through the development of circulation industry to promote the supply side reforms, promote the development of local economy. read more

1 4, 2009, Zhang Jun, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in Qinghai honest government and anti-corruption work. During the investigation, Zhang Jun visited the provincial Commission for discipline inspection organs and cadres stationed, inspection institutions, listened to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and discipline inspection group stationed in the provincial Office of the special report. read more

is the first day of January 15th, fare adjustments in our city, the day early in the morning, reporters in Nanchuan Road No. 71 of the taxi meter testing center to see, here in order, at least a few minutes more than a few minutes, car a taxi meter will be installed debugging success, then the taxi driver can operate on the road.
15, 9, reporters in the province of Taximeter measuring center to see the door beside the road early lined waiting for adjustment of taximeter, yunguanchu inspection team of law enforcement officers and Rita dealers staff to maintain order at the scene and was the driver of the number issued. Enter the test center, here was divided into the waiting area, loading table area, collection and adjustment, in order to adjust the taxi meter in place as soon as possible, province Metrology Department also deployed 30 people to the scene to maintain order and office. Get the number of taxi drivers in charge of their own meter will be removed, the staff through the debugging, testing and other steps will soon be able to adjust the meter in place.
the public to accept the new price on the 15 day of the taxi tariff adjustment issue, people are very calm. Ms Wang said, by reading the "Xining Evening News", she and her family, friends and colleagues are aware of the taxi tariff adjustment issue, for the 15 day some 8 yuan taxi start, some taxi 6 yuan started still did not feel surprised, that can accept. Zhang also said the public, the first day of the 15 price adjustment, the road did not reduce the operation of the taxi, he did not run into the taxi driver without price increases, he rose to $8 starting price is also recognized. read more