although it is said that any one of the market will be required to operate a variety of business operators to achieve the true integrity of the business, however, and do not insist on the difficulties. Even stick to it, will really help the development of the store? In short, speaking of business integrity, is the new old music talk, but still there will be out of the episode of this or that, no credit is going to be It is often seen. we can do, but only to restrain their behavior, have a clear conscience. Look at the boss is how to uphold the integrity of the. read more

big cities work and life pressure, in a small city to open their own shop to make money, life can have a taste. Small cities are also hidden great business opportunities, then the small city shop to sell what good? The following Xiaobian recommend several suitable for small cities in the shop.

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many friends are optimistic about the rural market, want to make money in rural investment. In the rural areas and is very suitable to do good, you can earn a lot of money. So, what do we do in rural areas to make money? Xiaobian this will introduce you to a few good projects.

What do

pepper "stomachic". Can be processed into bubble red pepper, red pepper, chili sauce, sesame chilli sauce, chili bean sauce, chili oil, pepper and so on, these are also the people’s favorite food. read more

do wine business, you need to consider the issue of sales channels. Otherwise, the operation is very blind. What are the beverage sales channels? Many franchisees are not very good at this issue, in fact, you can look at the market, so that some inspiration. Xiao Bian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help you understand the problem.

domestic wine to join, will produce a number of channels, each channel has driven the rapid rise of some wine makers also eliminated some did not follow the development of the times and development direction of wine, wine must adapt to channel development, the only way to talent shows itself. read more

is now a large number of car beauty stores investment entrepreneurs, to operate a car as beauty stores, brand is not just good enough, the most important is in the process of business management, management is the key management, when we should pay attention to what? The following small series with everyone together to share.

First we

in the process of management of their own employees. If can succeed when the boss, there are also many attractions, the boss posture, but Xie Hanchao in the body but can not find the arrogant temper. Reporters in the square car beauty shop to see there are 8 employees, but Xie Hanchao told reporters that the 9, because there are his own. From the opening of the time, Xie Hanchao did not regard themselves as the boss, when not enough manpower, whether it is to pick up the water cannon to do car clean or lying on the table, lift, drill into the car at the end of maintenance, Xie Hanchao are willing to do it yourself. In the words of Xie Hanchao, he is the boss and employee, many bosses every day to his shop and collect some money away, but he is not the same, love work together with employees, we eat the same fun, the staff will be happy, feel respected. read more

no matter what you do, must comply with the law for the bottom line, there is a risk of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to first understand, after the law, then the law, and will use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Yichun, China organized the party members and cadres as the object of legal knowledge and entrepreneurial skills training, play the leading role of Party members, to achieve business according to law.

11 25, China Yichun Xinqing District invited lecturer of law and entrepreneurship training to all cadres. Ni Xiqi, Yang Fengzhi, and other district leaders attended the training seminars, District Committee, Minister of organization, presided over the training of the activities of the organization of the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, such as the Ministry of finance, the people’s Republic of China in. read more

how to effectively manage children’s paradise franchise? Many investors are eager to know the problem. In fact, operators need to clear the contents of management. Know what aspects of the management, in this way, it is more targeted, to solve the existing problems one by one, Xiao Bian finishing a number of recommendations, with a view.

is the first store, children’s Park in the ceiling, metope, ground, counter and goods must be promptly cleaned every day, broken things we must timely repair or replacement, not broadcast audio and video products not civilized. Children’s Park store staff to maintain personal hygiene, clothing must be neat and decent, to maintain a good image and mental state to serve customers. To maintain, rectify and clean up the three tasks, regular and irregular self check or check each other, take a few minutes to work every day to do a good job. Will be placed in the field of useful items placed in good classification, identification. read more

in the economic development, our environment has been seriously damaged, the situation is very worrying! Although the relevant departments have repeatedly stressed the development of enterprises at the same time, but also to protect the local environment, but some companies do not strictly enforce. In August 2nd, the reporter was informed that, recently, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau found 8 cases of serious air pollution cases through unannounced inspection, air pollution control campaign leading group office will instruct the local government immediately organized personnel to identify problems, to identify responsibility according to the law, severely and promptly processed. These 8 cases are now exposed: read more


is a life, the same for people who want to start a business is the same, we all come together at small from among them is how to divide these boundaries, the attack now entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who want to reference.

(1): the first is twenty-four to twenty-nine years old, I called "the probation period.

During this

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