first_imgChelsea are preparing for a massive game at Stamford Bridge, where a defeat or score draw against Valencia would see the Blues crash out of the Champions League.They have never failed to reach the knockout stage of the tournament, but their recent loss to Bayer Leverkusen means Chelsea face the threat of missing out this time around.The wrong result would increase the pressure on manager Andre-Villas Boas, but the Portuguese is adamant he retains the full support of club owner Roman Abramovich.Villas-Boas believes Chelsea fans can play a major role tonight.And Villas-Boas has called for the home fans to do their bit to help Chelsea through tonight.He declared: “They can have a massive impact. They will have to unite themselves.“I have good memories of European nights at this club, and I know the atmosphere can be raised here, just like we did in the 4-2 against Barcelona.“If they do that, we will have the right ambiance to take on Valencia with that extra input.”Meanwhile, Brentford will be looking to take a step towards a return to Wembley in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.The Bees, last season’s beaten finalists, face Barnet at Underhill in the southern area semi-final.Follow West London Sport on Twitterlast_img read more

first_imgChelsea defended superbly in the first half at the Eithad Stadium, denying Manchester City a notable effort on goal despite the champions having most of the possession.Diego Costa, back in the visitors’ starting line-up after a hamstring problem, has been well contained by Vincent Kompany and the two sides have so far cancelled each other out, with the pace of the game slowing after a high-tempo start.Costa did get a sight of goal just before the break but Fernandinho was alert to the danger and denied the Spain striker as he looked to pounce on Branislav Ivanovic’s header down.Blues boss Jose Mourinho recalled Cesar Azpilicueta at left-back, with Filipe Luis dropping back to the bench having started against Schalke in midweek.Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is on the bench for City. Chelsea: Courtois; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; Ramires, Matic; Willian, Fabregas, Hazard; Costa. Subs: Cech, Luis, Oscar, Drogba, Mikel, Schürrle, Remy.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

first_imgThe Warriors are in the midst of a feud that could lead to the dynasty’s undoing. Can Golden State (12-3) overcome its issues in a nationally televised road game against the Rockets (6-7)?Here’s everything you need to know about the matchup.When/Where: Toyota Center, 5 p.m. (TNT, NBCSBA)Rockets’ projected starters: James Harden, Chris Paul, PJ Tucker, James Ennis III, Clint Capela. How the Rockets are doing: Houston has dealt with its share of internal troubles — albeit not on …last_img read more

first_imgAt Brand South Africa’s inaugural South African Competitiveness Forum at Gallagher Estate on 5 November, leaders in business and government – including South African Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, Goldman Sachs MD Colin Coleman, Brand South Africa board chair Chichi Maponya and CEO Miller Matola, and Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane – addressed delegates on a range of issues influencing country competitiveness. Watch video excerpts of their speeches.Colin Coleman, MD at Goldman SachsDelegates from the manufacturing and related services sector said the country should market its pockets of excellence, especially to the rest of Africa. Goldman Sachs’ Colin Coleman speaks of Africa’s potential for growth and development.Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe“As a first of its kind in South Africa, this forum will give leaders from all spheres a platform for debating our country’s competitiveness, as well as arriving at a common understanding of how to improve the competitiveness of our economy,” Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe told delegates at the inaugural South African Competitiveness Forum.Chichi Maponya, Brand South Africa chairpersonBrand South Africa chairperson Chichi Maponya said the timing of the first South African Competitiveness Forum was ideal, as South Africa would celebrate 20 years of democracy in 2014. Active citizenship on all levels, she said, was the key to unlocking a brighter future.Miller Matola, CEO of Brand South Africa“As the official marketing agency for South Africa, tasked with building the reputation of the country – the nation brand – and contributing to national competitiveness, we consider this forum as part of our ongoing work to create new platforms and find innovative new ways to bring the country’s position to life,” said Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola.Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane“Brand South Africa has been charged with the responsibility to bring South Africans together, to display what South Africa is all about – to tell the world who we are,” said Collins Chabane, Minister in the Presidency. “We have made great strides in all fields of our work as a nation.”MEDIA CONTACT Dr Petrus de KockResearch manager, Brand South Africa+27 11 712 5000last_img read more

first_img SharePrint Related11 stunning EarthCaches and how to find themJune 17, 2015In “Geocaching Info”Discover EarthCaching and 11 Stunning LocationsAugust 5, 2014In “Community”7 Continents, 7 EarthCachesOctober 3, 2017In “Community” Is this really Earth? Photo: “Grand prismatic spring” by Jim Peaco, National Park ServiceGeocache Name:Rainbow’s End: Grand Prismatic Spring (GC1JY47)Difficulty/Terrain Rating:2/1Why this is the Geocache of the Week:If you’re still searching for an EarthCache to find in order to earn your Nature Lover souvenir for the Seven Souvenirs of August, consider visiting a place that doesn’t even look like it belongs on Earth. EarthCaches bring geocachers to geologic formations and require them to answer questions about that formation in order to make the find. The Grand Prismatic Spring (or as the CO of this EarthCache points out: “GPS” for short) is the largest hot spring in the United States and third-largest in the world. However, what really draws the crowds are the amazing colors throughout the formation, caused by bacteria and mineral-rich water.What the geocache owner, Frumious Jane, has to say:“The Grand Prismatic Spring is my favorite place on the planet.  The longer I sit there on the boardwalk, the further away my troubles seem. We get so used to seeing streets, houses, power lines, and cars in our daily lives that these things become our Normal. Geocaching offers us caching options in pretty much every environment on the planet, and I’m a big sucker for the strange and glorious spots. I love being reminded that I live on a planet filled with rare and beautiful geologic features. The Grand Prismatic Spring offers a fascinating variant on the deadly beauty of volcanoes: the magma is underground, but we can see its effects on the steaming groundwater in the beautiful pools that dot Yellowstone National Park. Walking right up to something as resplendent as the Grand Prismatic Spring, knowing I’m standing atop a subterranean volcano all the while, gave me such a thrill that all I wanted to do was share it. We civilized folks just don’t get to experience surreal moments very often, and I wanted to let others know there was something worth pulling off the road for, something amazing to experience and think about. I’ve been a geocacher for over nine years, and I’ve made tons of fun and exciting memories with friends and strangers who hunt for Tupperware in the woods with me. Geocaching can bring out the best and most generous in us, and my life has been changed for the better by all those I’ve met and cached with over the years. I’ve raised my kids to enjoy the hunt and to follow the arrow toward adventure. I’ve had so much fun geocaching that I was inspired to write novels in a second genre: mystery. Under my pen name Morgan C. Talbot, I’ve written the world’s only geocaching mystery series, combining my love of stories with my favorite hobby. The Caching Out series was picked up for publication two years ago, and I’ve gotten the same exceptional, positive feedback for my books as I have for my EarthCaches. My writing career has continued to grow and gain its own souvenirs, and I have the inspiration of the geocaching community to thank for their early encouragement. No matter how far I roam in this world, geocaching will always be close to my heart, and loaded into my Garmin.”What geocachers are saying:“What an amazing view from the road with all the colored mist rising! Spent a good two hours here. Such vivid color!” – Mommabre“The Grand Prismatic Spring is truly one of the most amazing things in the natural world. When we planned our trip to Yellowstone this was one of the things I knew we definitely had to show the kids, and it was an absolutely perfect day to see it.” – bergmannfamily“Grand Prismatic has always been one of my favorite stops in Yellowstone — the colors are always fantastic. Thanks for giving us a reason to come out to visit again.” – NepoKamaPhotos:An overhead view of this amazing place. Photo by geocacher AUBURN SONRAYGeocacher Bangers&Mash enthusiastically makes the find.The end of the rainbow. Photo by geocacher Eispiraten DD. Every time I read a new log telling me how awestruck the cachers were when they looked out over the spring for the first time, or how they’d never have pulled into the parking lot except for the EarthCache symbol on the map, I get all warm and fuzzy. Our lives are collections of experiences great and small. I’m both thrilled and humbled that so many people who share my hobby have also shared my enjoyment of this place I adore so much, taking home from their travels a little piece of joy and fun, and maybe a little snippet of knowledge, too.center_img What incredible natural formations have you seen while EarthCaching? Tell us or post photos in the comments. Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

first_imgScience is messy, but it doesn’t have to be dirty.On June 19, a group of respected energy researchers released a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) that critiqued a widely cited study on how to power the U.S. using only renewable energy sources. This new paper, authored by former NOAA researcher Christopher Clack and a small army of academics, said that the initial 2015 study had “errors, inappropriate methods and implausible assumptions,” about using only the sun, wind, and water to fuel the U.S.What followed was a storm of debate as energy wonks of all stripes weighed in on the merits of the PNAS analysis. Mark Z. Jacobson, a Stanford University professor who was the lead author of the 2015 study, shot back with detailed rebuttals, in one calling his fellow researchers “fossil fuel and nuclear supporters.”Why the big kerfuffle? As an energy researcher who studies the technologies and policies for modernizing our energy system, I will try to explain.In general, getting to a clean energy system — even if it’s 80% renewable — is a well agreed-upon goal and one that can be achieved; it’s that last 20% —and how to get there — that forms the main point of contention here. The nitty-grittyTo make projections around how the future energy system will work, researchers create computer-based models, input assumptions, and then run simulations.The rebuttal from Clack and his co-authors focused on four major issues they saw with the WWS paper: 1) modeling errors, 2) implausible assumptions, 3) insufficient power system modeling, and 4) inadequate scrutiny of the input climate model, which informs how much solar and wind power are available for power generation. Here are some highlights with my own thoughts sprinkled in.Clack takes issue with the amount of hydroelectric power that Jacobson assumes is available. In their rebuttals, they spar over the exact numbers, but Jacobson assumes there will be about the same amount of total energy produced from hydropower in 2050 as today, although when, and at what rate, that energy is produced is a crucial question.In Jacobson’s model, there is a significant increase in hydropower capacity — up to 1,300 gigawatts (or about 10 times current capacity), which appears to run for at least 12 hours straight in some days of the model output. Jacobson says this is possible by installing more turbines and generators at existing dams, just not using them very often.But dams are built with specific maximum flow rates because if you let too much water flow through a dam, you can flood areas downriver. Jacobson has since admitted that providing this much extra power from existing dams would be hard.I recently took a tour of Hoover Dam. One of the first things the tour guides tell you is that the dam was built for irrigation and flood control, and that electricity production is a nice side product. So expecting that dams in the country could boost their output might be harder than the analysis implies. Joshua Rhodes is a post-doctoral researcher of energy at the University of Texas at Austin. This post originally appeared at The Conversation. ‘Energy Twitter’ on fireJacobson’s seminal paper, which was also published in PNAS, tied together a significant amount of work of his own and others showing that all energy used for all purposes in the U.S. could come from with wind, water, and solar (WWS) by 2050.What about when the sun doesn’t shine, the wind doesn’t blow, or water is unavailable? His findings postulated that significant amounts of energy storage would be needed, mostly in the form of heat and hydrogen, to meet energy demand when there isn’t enough renewable energy and to store it when there’s too much. Jacobson and his co-authors also concluded that this scenario would be cheaper than a world that relies on other technologies such as nuclear, carbon capture, and other methods of reducing carbon emissions.The Clack rebuttal was blunt and cut deep at the assumptions that underlie the work of Jacobson and colleagues. The same PNAS issue also included a counter-rebuttal to Clack from Jacobson.Energy Twitter — that is, energy wonks like me on Twitter — exploded.So why all the fuss?Much of the heat from this debate seems to stem from Jacobson making some pretty bold claims in and about his paper, going so far as to tell MIT Technology Review that “there is not a single error in our paper.” That is a very, very bold claim and, depending on how it is interpreted, could be read to say that the study authors’ model is perfect, which of course it is not, as none are.This debate may seem arcane, but it has significant political and societal implications.Some celebrities have signed on to Jacobson’s vision and have pressed for policies formed around his analyses of the feasibility of an entire energy system that runs 100% on wind, water, and solar. If policymakers buy into the technical and economic assumptions in the paper, those assumptions will have big implications for the direction of state, local, and national policies.Detractors, meanwhile, have raised a number of concerns. In particular, they argue that decisions made based on Jacobson’s analyses alone could lead to serious over-investment in only the technologies considered, which could possibly backfire if the costs turn out to be higher than expected. The Cheapest Way to Scale Up Renewable Energy?Transforming the Electric SystemSolar Potential Is Far Greater Than Earlier EstimatesRethinking the GridTo Improve Wind and Solar Power, Bring Them Together How Renewable Energy Advocates Are Hurting the Climate CauseOur All-Renewable Energy FutureAccounting for Renewable Electricity SavingsWind Overtakes Hydro as Top Renewable in U.S.Government Estimates on Renewables Are Way Offcenter_img Insufficient power system modelingClack attacks LOADMATCH, the power system model in Jacobson’s analysis, as being too simplistic. The main criticism of LOADMATCH is that it does not consider frequency regulation — the need to keep the frequency of the power grid steady at 60 Hz, which is a very important aspect of keeping the power supply reliable.One piece of anecdotal information: Jacobson states in the paper Supplementary Information that it takes LOADMATCH about three to four minutes to simulate an entire year. Our simulations of just the Texas electricity market can take hours to run, and can take significantly longer for simulations of high levels of renewables.After reading both papers, both supplementary information sections, the counter-rebuttal, a lot of news articles and tweet-storms (from other energy folks I trust), I find myself thinking that the burden of proof is still in Jacobson’s court. There are many lessons to learn here.But, in the end, my view is that the body of scientific understanding will be stronger for it. The peer review process is slow, uses imperfect human volunteers, and doesn’t always get it exactly right the first time. The list of authors on the Clack rebuttal is impressive, and should be paid attention to. However, if Jacobson’s work can survive this challenge, I figure it will stand the test of time. Implausible assumptionsClack questions a long list of input assumptions of Jacobson’s model. A number are related to how quickly technologies can mature and be used at large scale, including underground thermal energy storage, phase change materials to store solar thermal energy, and hydrogen as a usable fuel. Other critiques focus on assumptions around how flexible the demand for energy can be — a key consideration when dealing with variable sun and wind power. Then there’s the amount of electric transmission power infrastructure needed, the costs of all the capital required, the pace of investment needed, and land use issues.Some criticisms are probably fair. I tend to be bullish on the potential of technology to advance rapidly, but having worked in residential energy use, and energy retrofits in particular, I find that Jacobson’s assumptions about the amount of geothermal energy storage retrofits for heating and air-conditioning in buildings are hard to fathom.I have some reservations on the ability of 67% of demand to be flexible. I also have some questions on the pace of investment required in Jacobson’s scenario. RELATED ARTICLES last_img read more

first_imgChina and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … Merchants use Augmented Reality to imitate real in-store experiences. For instance, Sephora‘s Virtual Artist is an Augmented reality-based app. These apps allow users to see what type of product will look good on them. It will enable you to try different makeup products like lip colors, eyelashes, and more. Apps like these create an exciting experience for women as they can ‘try-on’ everything. Similarly, websites like IKEA helps its customers virtually view what kind of furniture will look better in their home. This type of application attracts more users, and it is likely to increase conversions. From the user’s perspective, it offers a rich online shopping experience.Providing Body Measurement SolutionsThe Body Measurement App is a revolutionary way to measure the most accurate virtual fitting of the user’s body. AR app is a perfect solution to fitting problems that arise while buying wearables online. Users can try a product as per their measurements that accurately fits before buying.Virtual Product AislesInstead of in-store shelves, the surge in AR technology has led shoppers to view and buy from neat virtual shelves. E-commerce retailers are now using AR-based mobile applications to build product aisles showcasing a variety of products. These product aisles are the virtual simulations that can be projected on the walls of a customer’s living room. Customers can click on the products to grab more information about them and purchase them.6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningMachine learning is a part of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides an ecommerce system with an ability to automatically learn and improve from customers’ experience without the need of being programmed. With Artificial Intelligence gaining momentum in the ecommerce sphere, the merchants use it in many applications to provide better services and improve their customer base. Key Takeaways for merchants:Providing Personalized experiences via a recommendation engineE-retailers today are deploying the machine learning algorithms for offering their customers the personalized experiences. For example, implementing Machine Learning algorithms in your e-commerce stores can help you display recommended products based on recent product search history either on the product page or the checkout page.Visual Search instead of Keyword PlanningArtificial Intelligence technology is helping marketers to implement the visual discovery of the products. This technology is replacing the use of keyword planners. Currently, the best examples are Google Lens and Pinterest Lens. Users need to hold their camera lens focussing on the specific item, and the algorithm works itself to find that product on the web. Implementing these artificial intelligence based visual search helps merchants to provide ease to their users. So, your products have to be optimized to rank in those listings to increase the chances of reaching to a greater audience and convert sales.ChatBot AssistanceWith artificial intelligence, it is easy to provide chat bot assistance as customer support at any time. eCommerce brands are offering chat bots asking about the needs of their customers and how they can help. The chatbots implement machine learning algorithms to interact with human users. Using chatbot, you can minimize your support team effort where the bot can answer the frequently asked questions and be available 24 hrs taking up the query and providing answers to the customers in real-time. Advanced bots can also negotiate the pricing and win sales over competitors based on user intent and the minimum selling price you set for a particular product or service.Assisting Marketers to strategize their campaignsMarketers can analyze neural networks to understand customer behavior and predict market trends. It helps to plan what should be eliminated from the organic and paid PPC campaign. This way you can run more targeted campaigns Devising neural marketing strategies can help marketers gain the return on investment by formulating targeted campaigns for various customer segments campaigns.Final Thoughts On Changing E-commerce LandscapeIn today’s uber-competitive e-commerce environment, companies seek to attract customers through a radical approach by providing highly-engaging and meaningful user experiences. With the technological advancements, the upcoming years will experience changing e-commerce landscape more than ever. The modern techniques blending with eCommerce sphere is providing an exponential hike in sales and customer satisfaction. With technologies like Augmented reality, merchants have been able to give the best visual shopping experience at the convenience of their homes. Moreover, with the newer wireless technology trends such as 5G, it is guaranteed to provide greater speeds approximately 10 times the 4G, with high throughput and almost 0 latency. With the launch of 5G, the number of AR and VR based consumer applications will be more commonly seen in the future.The artificial intelligence learning capabilities will also be improved with the deployment of 5G. Indeed, there will be better personalization, high speed and accessibility of the Internet.Let’s see how 5G will widen the e-commerce horizon for merchants. Which e-commerce technology do you like the most? Do share your views. Smart Warehouse Management including Inventory and Supply Chain Management Smart warehouses make use of IoT enabled smart devices for real-time visibility into operations. The IoT sensors and RFID tags make it easy to streamline inventory management in true-time. Besides, instant monitoring and tracking the inventory, these sensors and tags minimize the chances of any human errors that can occur while handling the goods. This becomes the base for automation that can help you over conventional paper-based methods, excel sheets, or accounting tools. The RFID tags and GPS technology help you in seamless supply chain management. Besides tracking goods, it helps you in instant monitoring, decision-making, and accurate product management.Moreover, IOT comes out to be a warehouse management solution. The temperature-monitoring and humidity sensors are used to raise alarms whenever any product in the warehouse exceeds a threshold level of temperature or humidity.Nowadays, various warehousing options are offered by 3rd party aggregators such as Amazon and eBay that can facilitate merchants in managing the order fulfillment process, streamlining omnichannel business and delivering to all major zip codes across the globe. E-commerce giant, Amazon is leading the way by adding innovative automation in the process. It is making use of robots in the warehouse to increase the efficiency and accuracy in the picking and packing process. Thus, if you sell in more significant quantity or want to extend your business reach to multiple countries, fulfillment by Amazon services could be the services to look forward to. BigCommerce says, 51% of Americans prefer to make a purchase online, and 96% of Americans have made at least one online purchase in their lives.Just a decade ago, physical stores were the only shopping solutions for customers. Today, with the headway in digital trends, it has become easier for merchants to reach out the tech-savvy customers anytime, anywhere.For instance, the growth of smartphone users has added to the surge of e-commerce. The screens of these smartphones serve as the doorways to e-commerce stores. Features like mobile shopping, easy payments, great checkout discounts, test-and-try on yourself, free shipping and timely delivery options have quite been useful in convincing the toughest of shoppers (including the millennials) to shop online who once preferred in-store shopping as the most reliable method.The emergence of new technologies in e-commerce sector has led to the paradigm shifts in recent years. The E-Commerce sales graph has projected a huge amplification until 2019 and is expected to cross a mark of USD 4.878 billion by 2021. The high-tech innovations have transformed the way people shop and the retailers market a product/service.Source: Data via StatistaLet’s have a sneak peek into,Shifting E-commerce Trends in 2019 and BeyondConsidering customer as the driver of e-commerce gains, the key to successful e-commerce lies in providing customers with seamless shopping experiences while ensuring that merchants achieve their desired revenue base.To offer personalized experiences, utilizing automation services, optimizing processes, simplifying decision making, and using data insights to improve operations, e-commerce merchants are investing in adopting new measures for upgrading their e-commerce game. While maneuvering over the latest e-commerce trends, merchants are also making sure that the chosen technology should be worth their efforts. Here are some common changing e-commerce landscapes that will rule the e-commerce space beyond 2019.1. The era of Internet Of Things (IoT)Internet of things is a combination of products, services, and customers. The shifts to IoT is necessary to keep pace with the ever looming expectations and shopping habits of customers. It is stated that by 2021, about 70% of businesses would be using IoT to enhance their customer experiences. So, considering the IOT technology at each stage of the ecommerce business plan becomes inevitable.Key Takeaways for Merchants: Parcel delivery via Drones Kunal has 10+ years of experience in software services, development, and team management with diverse offshore software consulting firms in India and abroad. IoT can help you personalize your e-commerce marketing campaigns to increase visitor engagement, CTRs and revenue while offering an improved experience to the customer. This helps in magnifying the customer and merchant relationship. By gaining insights from data exchanged amongst IOT devices, e-commerce merchants can attract more customers and sway their buying decisions. Moreover, you can also provide customized solutions to the selected audience to offer a higher value with lesser efforts and delivers a sense that you care for your user’s needs. Providing a personalized customer experience A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#AI Machine Learning#artificial intelligence#Augmented Reality#changing ecommerce landscape#m-commerce Kunal Khullar (i) Market Penetration: This strategy relates to increasing the sale of existing products in the existing market.(ii) Product Development: Under this strategy, marketers launch new products into an existing market. For example, a prominent china based smartphone brand Xiaomi is focussing on meeting its growing customers’ needs by introducing new products such as smartwatch and power banks. (iii) Market Development: It relates to launching existing products in a new market. For example, Xiaomi launched its existing smartphone product range in the American market for expansion in a new demographic.(iv) Diversification: This strategy focuses on launching new products into the new market. The risks involved in this type of e-commerce trend are more. It can be related or unrelated diversification depending upon what kind of product is launched in which type of market. In another effort to cater to a new audience with a new product line Xiaomi introduced Air purifiers.With the Ansoff Matrix, merchants can experiment by testing new products, new markets, take measures to generate a high revenue, thus increasing the profits.They can also extend the sale of their product range across various zip codes. Analyzing risks, conducting research and gathering insights into customer’s/market’s needs, e-commerce merchants can expand their reach. It also allows merchants to grow their competencies for driving innovation to sell seasonal products throughout the year.3. Integrated Shopping Experience76% of customers expect from e-commerce companies to understand their needs and expectations.This is the key reason why retailers across the globe are investing in online and digital methods to enhance customer engagement. Many are looking for providing integrated shopping experiences.When a customer purchases something, he makes contact with several touch points. Keeping this in mind, merchants prefer providing an integrated customer experience which means retailers must holistically plan, devise, and execute across multiple channels, irrespective of whether the sale occurs in-store or through the online store.Key Takeaways for Merchants:Providing Omnichannel MarketingOmnichannel Marketing is a strategic approach under which all the physical and digital channels are connected with one another providing cohesive user experience. The goal is to provide customers with an integrated approach with an anywhere shopping experience. Major brands like Disney, Bank of America, etc. are using Omnichannel marketing.Many strategies increase conversions; a few essential ways are:Offering discounts and coupon vouchersCreating user responsive pagesSharing user-generated contentForm relationships with customers with a customer-centric viewOptimizing mobile experienceIntegrating social media channelsProviding omnichannel experience to customers help merchants improve customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and customer lifetime value.4. M-CommerceWith the increasing popularity of smartphones, the number of users is expected to grow over 4.78 billion by 2020, adding to the surge of e-commerce continually.Source: StatistaSuch a massive increase in the number of mobile phones, merchants are shifting their gears towards advanced techniques like Accelerated Mobile Pages, Progressive Web Applications, and more. Key Takeaways for Merchants:Using Mobile Predictive technologiesRetailers are employing analytics tools and predictive technologies to personalize their content. This helps merchants to gather data and translate them into a meaningful context for delivering a tailored customer experience to their website visitors. Using predictive technologies can help you improve your business intelligence, reduce fraudulent activities, practice price management, target promotions and in many such measures.An ecommerce business that utilizes predictive analytics has better chances of converting a prospect into a repeat buyer. Many tools such as Lattice, SAS, Alteryx are available that can help to track and understand customer’s behavior and intent in the right way.These tools offer meaningful insights that can help you optimize your e-business processes. So, this way you can formulate a strategy to work towards removing bottlenecks in a longer run.These intuitive tools can normalize the data from multiple data sources to an extent where you can predict the intent for the customer; they also provide an estimation for the total number of sales that you can expect in the upcoming season at a product level.Another way is to use a product research tool which helps you measure accurate data for the monthly sales and estimated monthly revenue. You can track the product movement in real-time. How a Modern Gaming Engine Can Supercharge Your… AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage Use Progressive web applications (PWA)PWA, a new software development technology, is the future of e-commerce. It offers customers a fast app-like browsing experience by combining the functionality of a regular web page and the mobile applications that increase the customer experience of an app with the accessibility of visiting a website. Many popular ecommerce platforms are implementing this technique to let merchants empower their e-commerce stores. For instance, the Magento 2.3 update launched a PWA studio which provided merchants with tools to personalize their content, add local preferences, and provide the consistent user experience.Progressive Web App technology converts mobile shopping into an engaging and lightning fast experience.Using Accelerated Mobile PagesAccelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) helps you provide quality content to users and a mobile web experience which is faster and better than the regular mobile apps. A lightning-bolt symbol represents websites using the accelerated mobile page technology before their URLs. For instance, SEMRush is using AMP-immersive technology for its blog pages to provide a better user experience.Though initially this technology was built for blogging websites, later its functionality was extended to e-commerce space where low page speeds were a major issue. Faster user experience in e-commerce websites ensures reduced bounce rate, faster conversions, search engine visibility, and boosted ROI.So, implementing accelerated mobile pages to the homepage, product pages, and product category pages allows e-commerce merchants to maximize their sales, improve average order value, and maintain flexibility and control. Considering its myriad advantages, different brands are today shifting their gears towards their AMP-lification of their e-commerce businesses. For example, the largest online fashion retailer in India, Myntra implemented AMP technology in about 11 days wherein they covered all of their essential landing pages from Google and the individual product pages by implementing PWA technology to derive better performance from those pages as well. As a result, the brand observed that the page load time was lowered by 65% as well as the bounce rate was reduced by 40%. So, there was an overall improvement in e-commerce results. Using Near Field Communication (NFC)NFC is a class of communication protocols that allows two electronic devices to set up communication by bringing one device within the vicinity of 3-4 cm from each other. In this contactless radio technology, one device is portable (mobile phone), and the other is a fixed terminal. E-commerce is one of the popular applications that are supported by NFC technology.Consumers can pay for items by tapping an NFC chip against an NFC terminal. Thus, technology not only saves customers’ time but also provides safety to user privacy. For instance, customers can use their NFC enabled mobile phone device against a reader to pay for a make a purchase.5. Augmented Reality E-commerceHow is it possible that Pokemon Go does not come across our minds while talking about the Augmented Reality? When extended to use in the e-commerce industry, it is known as Augmented Reality E-commerce. Where installing AR apps allow customers to have an immersive experience while shopping, it will enable merchants to have an increased conversion rate. Augmented Reality bridges the gap between an in-store shopping experience and a mobile shopping experience.Key Takeaways for merchants:   Provide Product Visualization before buying Soon drone-assisted online parcel deliveries will be done by major e-commerce marketplaces.E-commerce giant Amazon in 2016 conducted its first prime product delivery via drones. The routine air deliveries through drone could probably start in 2019 or 2020.Many other e-commerce brands around the globe are planning to test for parcel deliveries with the help of drone-like devices in the future. Currently, scientists are seeking workable measures and counter-measures for challenges like regulatory issues, capital cost, additional human labor costs, children or animals as obstacles, and more. Once they overcome these problems, in a few years you might find your package dropped by unmanned drones that are fully tracked by the sender.2. Location IndependenceToday ecommerce is not location dependent. Where having and maintaining a physical store was limited to selling to a restricted area, ecommerce if managed correctly has an excellent opportunity to attain exponential growth in a very short time-frame. Selling products online allows you to cross geographic boundaries. As content is the medium of communication innovatively presenting a simple product, a robust content strategy plays a significant role in running a successful e-commerce store. Even if you don’t have a team, many online portals are available where you can order content from. One such example is, where you need to put keywords and pay for articles based on a total number of words. A plethora of online platforms exist which help to hire efficient ecommerce writers and provides excellent customer support in the low budget. Platforms like Odesk and Elance can help you get started with your e-commerce venture irrespective of the location.Key Takeaways for Merchants:Cross Border ecommerceMerchants can now sell internationally by using various techniques. Devising a well-planned marketing strategy can help you expand your businesses to any part of the world. Here are some quick pointers that can help merchants:By providing multiple currency pricing and localizing the payment methods to simplify the buying process for customers. For better cross border ecommerce, merchants can up multi-sites with each site displaying different language, different or same product line, and different prices based on locationMerchants can use strategic planning tools such as Ansoff Matrix which can facilitate merchants to have a natural market expansion for their product range. Using this product versus market matrix marketers can analyze their potential growth and the risks that are involved in each strategy. Related Posts last_img read more

first_imgHotel management clarifies SEAG footballers’ kikiam breakfast issue TS Kammuri to enter PAR possibly a day after SEA Games opening School teacher and Muay Thai proponent, Hee (left) with head coach Eugene Gan. Photos: Gracie HeeBefore 2014, Gracie Hee would never imagine herself kicking and punching her way to winning Muay Thai competitions.Today, the primary school teacher in Kuantan is so passionate about the sport that she is a coach and serious contender.ADVERTISEMENT LOOK: Joyce Pring goes public with engagement to Juancho Triviño Together, Hee and head coach Gan aim to get the sport more recognized and accepted in the community.“We want our community to live a healthy lifestyle and we hope to share the many benefits of Muay Thai with all,” says Hee.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss “A person’s reflexes and co-ordination will also get better in time. Muay Thai will train your endurance in the sport, mentally and physically. This is a high-intensity sport that has been proven very effective for losing weight, of course with the right diet too,” says Hee, adding that there are usually crossfit workouts, bodyweight exercises and stretching exercises at the end of the class.The sport, she emphasizes, is suitable for both genders and various age groups. The youngest student at her gym is five years old while the oldest is a woman of 60.“The culture and tradition behind this sport also teaches a person to be humble and respectful. It has helped me to make friends and connect with so many people worldwide. Everyone is like a family to you in this sport,” she enthuses.Hee strongly believes the sport is an important skill for women to learn.“Muay Thai is very relevant to women as an art of self-defense. The basics of Muay Thai teach one how to attack and defend, which is very helpful when we are in a tricky situation and need to defend ourselves.“For instance, now I won’t freak out and panic if I were put in a dangerous situation because I know I have the ability to protect myself. I know how to stay calm and think of a solution. I know what my strengths are, and Muay Thai training has definitely improved my reflexes, agility and stamina.”Currently, Hee is committed to promoting the art to more women in the coastal city of Kuantan.“I believe that Muay Thai can not only make women feel stronger but actually be stronger. It’s time to change the stereotyping in sports where Muay Thai is categorized as a bloody, brutal and aggressive sport for males only.“This is true if we look back at the history of Muay Thai when it was not a sport yet. It was used for self-defense by Thai warriors in the battlefield.“However, in our modern society, it has been modified into a sport. With rules and regulations introduced, Muay Thai has become a very safe sport worldwide. It has also been made a part of self-defense and fitness programs.” “As time passed, the head coach Eugene Gan discovered that I had a talent in the sport. With more hard work, passion, dedication and discipline, I ventured into competitions and started helping to coach in classes,” shares Hee, who holds a Bachelor of Education (Tesol) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.Today, Hee readily sings the praises of Muay Thai for its many benefits.“You get to live a healthy lifestyle, make friends and learn self-defense. Muay Thai training can be very versatile. There are so many types of Muay Thai training. It is not only a competitive combat sport where you must enter a ring and compete,” she says.Muay Thai is also a very unique sport as it combines a lot of elements to promote better fitness, says Hee.“Muay Thai will improve a person’s cardio and stamina through pad work and bag work. It also improves a person’s flexibility where there is a lot of hip rotation in executing the techniques, including punching, elbows, knee techniques and kicks.ADVERTISEMENT Is Luis Manzano planning to propose to Jessy Mendiola? BREAKING: Corrections officer shot dead in front of Bilibid MOST READ View comments Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Behind Karl-Anthony Towns’ huge night, Minnesota turns back Miami LATEST STORIES “Muay Thai has changed my life. Even though I led a very active lifestyle before by going hiking, jogging, playing badminton, swimming and doing zumba, I had zero background in martial arts.“I never thought I would be able to be so involved in this sport to the extent that I am coaching and actively competing. Muay Thai teaches me that learning never ends despite your age,” shares the 28-year-old from Trengganu, Malaysia.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionIt all started when she was first posted to Kuantan as an English teacher in 2014. Her colleague told her about Maxx Muay Thai gym that had just opened and asked if she was interested to try out the sport.“I fell in love with it immediately. Initially, it was more about getting in shape, exercising, making new friends and sweating it out. Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionlast_img read more

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